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Happy Flower Garden Quilt Along – Week 1 – Cutting our Fabric

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Yay! It’s the first week of the Happy Flower Garden Quilt along. It’s finally feeling like Spring here in Western Washington. The sun is shining and my flowers are starting to bloom.

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This week of the quilt along we will be cutting all our fabric. I like to cut all my fabric before I start a quilt. This make the piecing go together quickly.

I don’t pre-wash my fabric…I know that’s a No-No… But since I stopped pre-washing, I’ve loved being able to dive right into a project. The fabric is still crisp, when you wash the no longer stiff. Also when you wash your fabric it will shrink andย  some times it will fray and you will loose some yardage. It also gives your finished quilt a nice crinkled look when it’s washed and dried. I like to throw a couple Shout Color Catchers in the wash when washing my finished quilt. This helps catch any loose dyes.

If you like to pre-wash your fabric, make sure to purchase a little extra to account for shrinkage!

Also, if you are using one of the alternative Flying Geese methods provided in the supplemental pdf. You will want to make sure to have a little extra fabric just in case.

Here is a Fabric Selection PDF you can print out. Cut your fabrics and tape/glue them to it!

Happy Flower Garden Quilt Fabric Selections

Cutting Your Fabric Tips:

*Get a NEW Rotary Blade (a dull blade makes it twice as hard to cut)
*Measure Twice and Cut Once
*Cut your largest pieces first, then cut the smaller pieces out
*Do NOT round up. Precise cutting is needed to make the 4 at 1 time no waste flying geese. So make sure to cut at the 3/8 or 7/8 marks (depending on what size you are making).

**If you may want to wait to cut your corner stones (Color E) and sashing strips until Week 9, but you can cut them now too! ๐Ÿ™‚

I will be filming a LIVE Video Tuesday May 1st at 10:15 am PDT (West Coast USA) in the Facebook Group! I will be going over cutting your fabric and talk a little about the following weeks.

Facebook Group!

Quilt Along Schedule:

May 1st โ€“ Week 1 โ€“ Cut your Fabric
May 8th โ€“ Week 2 โ€“ Make your Half Square Triangles
May 15th โ€“ Week 3 โ€“ Make your Flying Geese units
May 22nd โ€“ Week 4 โ€“ Make your Bottom Rectangle Blocks
May 29th โ€“ Week 5 โ€“ Make half of your Tulip Blocks
June 5thย  โ€“ Week 6 โ€“ Make the other half of your Tulip Blocks
June 12th โ€“ Week 7 โ€“ Make your Corner Tulip Blocks
June 19th โ€“ Week 8 โ€“ Make your Star Flower Blocks
June 26thย  โ€“ Week 9 โ€“ Add Sashing and Cornerstones (Finish Star Flower Blocks if needed)
July 3rd โ€“ Week 10 โ€“ Baste, Quilt and Bind

I am so happy to be quilting along with you! Iโ€™m so excited to see your fabric picks!! Make sure to share your progress photoโ€™s on Instagram with the hashtag #HappyFlowerGardenQA
Or Post your photo’s in theย Facebook Group!!

The pattern will be 15% OFF through the end of the Quilt Along. If you still need your pattern you can download it by clicking below:

Download Pattern

Happy Quilting!
Andrea ๐Ÿ™‚

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