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Finish Those UFQs 2020 – Week 5

It’s the start of Week 5 of Finish those UFQs 2020 Challenge! Did you make some progress last week? I thought I would post a day early this week, since my Joyful Meadows Quilt pattern will be releasing tomorrow! πŸ™‚

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I decided to cut into a stack of fabric to make a second Joyful Meadows quilt! I know…I know, I really shouldn’t be starting new projects. But I just HAD TO DO IT!! haha I’ve started sewing all the pieces together.

But I did set aside a few hours to work on my Rainier Echoes Quilt I had left off on 6 months ago. I had spray basted this quilt and started quilting it during it’s quilt along, but had go side tracked on other projects.

So I realized, you shouldn’t let a quilt sit for too long after spray basting. I ended up needing to pull up parts of the top and re-spray it. So after I got it re-basted, I was able start quilting it again!
I am using the seams as a guide and outlining the design. I love using my hera marker and rule to help me fill in the empty spaces.


I want to finish my Red/Navy/Blue/White Joyful Meadows Quilt top!
I also want to quilt more of my Rainier Echoes quilt….maybe finish the quilting….but that might be pushing it!


I will be filming my LIVE Check in video tomorrow Monday Nov. 30th at 2pm PST in the Facebook Quilt Along group!


You can choose to work 10 minutes a day, 1 hour a week, 5 hours a week. It’s up to you!!

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Happy Quilting!!

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