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Finish Those UFQs 2020 -Week 3

Yay! It’s WEEK 3 of the Finish those UFQs! Did you make any progress last week?

Last week I was able to baste and start quilting on my Joyful Meadows Quilt! I love using spray baste because it keeps all the layers stuck together. I used a mixture of Sulky Temporary spray and Spray and Bond Basting Adhesive, because that’s what I had on hand.

I did a quick and easy outline the design type of quilting. I lined my walking foot up with the edge of my seam and followed it. I have completed the center and just need to work on the outer blocks!

I also worked on finishing up some pot holders, which aren’t on my list, but they are in my pile of to finish.

THIS WEEKS GOALS: This week I want to finish quilting this and finish the binding! I need to order paper patterns on Nov. 23rd, so I better get busy!


You can choose to work 10 minutes a day, 1 hour a week, 5 hours a week. It’s up to you!!

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Happy Quilting!!

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