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Finish Those UFQs 2020 – Week 6

It’s WEEK 6 of the Finish those UFQs 2020 challenge! Did you make any progress last week?

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I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped. But I’m still happy that I made some progress on my second Joyful Meadows quilt. One block done and 8 more to go! I have all the pieces made, they just need to be sewn together. I’m using some older Cotton and Steel fabrics. I love how they are looking together!

We spent some time on Saturday dying yarn for my kids Yarnasuaras Yarn Shop! I love how they love being creative. πŸ™‚
If you like yarn, they will be restocking their yarn soon! You can join their email list here!


This weeks goals are basically the same as last weeks goals. I want to finish my Red/Navy/Blue/White Joyful Meadows Quilt top! I also want to quilt more of my Rainier Echoes quilt.


I will be filming my LIVE Check in video today Monday Dec 7th at 2pm PST in the Facebook Quilt Along group!


You can choose to work 10 minutes a day, 1 hour a week, 5 hours a week. It’s up to you!!

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Happy Quilting!!

Finish Those UFQs 2020!
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