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Let’s Finish Those UFQs 2020!

So it’s that time of year that I start looking a my ever growing pile of unfinished quilts and decide, hey I need to finish those!! I know I’m not alone….I’m talking to you! A lot of quilters are SO excited to start a new quilt, their previous quilt tops get thrown into a pile.

Last year I had set up a Finish Those UFQs Challenge in my quilt along group. I thought it might be fun to do it again this year! I know it helped motivate me to finish some of my quilts. I hope it helped you too!! This year I’ve made a PDF Quilt Project tracker with 20 spots for projects (5 more slots that last years pdf). If you have more than 20 unfinished quilts, just print more than one sheet!

You can download the FREE Quilt Project Tracker here

To accomplish my goal, I plan to spend at least 1 to 2 hour each week on my UFQ’s. This way I can still work on new projects, but I’m still chipping away at my unfinished pile.

You can choose to work 10 minutes a day, 1 hour a week, 5 hours a week. It’s up to you!!

JOIN ME!! From November 2nd to December 31st

Each Monday morning I will film a LIVE Check in video in my Facebook Quilt Along Group to let you know what I’ve accomplished and see what you guys are working on!

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Happy Quilting!!

Finish Those UFQs 2019!
Nov. 2st – Week 1 – Write your list and share your list in the Quilt Along Group or on Instagram!
Nov. 9th – Week 2
Nov. 16th – Week 3
Nov. 23nd – Week 4
Nov. 30th – Week 5
Dec. 7th – Week 6
Dec. 14th – Week 7
Dec. 21th – Week 8
Dec. 28 – Week 9

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Last year I had 8 quilts on my list to finish. This year I only have 6…that may be because I haven’t been sewing as much this year. Since the pandemic hit and the kids have been home, its harder to find time to sew. I have 2 quilts on my list this year that were on last years list. Hopefully I can get most of these finished!

#1 Rainier Echoes Quilt – This quilt is basted and partially quilted.

#2 Starlight Mountains Quilt – This quilt needs basting, quilting and binding done. You can download this pattern for FREE!

#3 KaBam Quilt – This one needs basting, quilting and binding.

#4 Colorful Tiles Quilt – This one needs basting, quilting and binding.

#5 Stepping Stone Quilt – needs blocks put together, basting, quilting and binding.

#6 Joyful Meadows Quilt (Pattern will be released November 30th!) The top needs to be finished, basted, quilted and bound.

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Finish Those UFQs WEEK 6

happy flower garden 2.jpg

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Welcome to week 6 of the Finish Those UFQs! How did this week go for you? Did you get to check off any boxes?

Download the FREE Project Tracker Here: Finish Those UFOs

Sometimes you have those weeks that life just gets in the way and you don’t get to complete everything that you would have hope to! That’s what kind of week I had!
I was able to do an hour hand binding on my Happy Flower Garden Quilt on Monday morning.

But Tuesday my intestines started giving me trouble. I have an autoimmune disease called Crohn’s Disease. It causes inflammation in my digestive track which can lead to scar tissue. I have a lot scar tissue in a couple areas of my intestines, so when my Crohn’s decides to inflame it can cause an intestinal blockage. Which means I have extreme abdominal pain and most the time I can’t keep any food or liquids down. Usually when I get an intestinal blockage it clears up after 24 hours and I start feeling better. For some reason this one took a lot longer.

So even though this week I had planned to finish my Happy Flower Garden Quilt and finish quilting my Happy Block Swap Quilt, I ended up laying in bed all day Wednseday and Thursday, with no energy to do anything.

Thankfully I am feeling better today and hopefully will be back eating some solid foods soon! I went in for some lab work today, so hopefully my doctor can find a better treatment plan.

So my goal for this next week is to finish my Happy Flower Garden Quilt and finish quilting my Happy Block Swap Quilt!! I hope my intestines don’t get in the way again!!

Join me Monday at 1 pm for a Live Chat in the Facebook Quilt Along Group! I’d love to hear what you all have been working on!

What did you work on last week?? Let me know in the comments!

Join my Happy Cloud Creations Quilt Along Group and post your progress photos and see what everyone else is trying to finish up!

Happy Quilting!

Finish Those UFQs 2019!
Nov. 1st – Week 1 – Intro
Nov. 8th – Week 2
Nov. 15th – Week 3
Nov. 22nd – Week 4
Nov. 29th – Week 5
Dec. 6th – Week 6
Dec. 13th – Week 7
Dec. 20th – Week 8
Dec. 27 – Week 9