Happy Block Swap Quilt Along!

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Happy Block Swap Quilt Along!

I partnered with the National Quilters Circle and Sulky threads to bring you this FREE Quilt Along!

Click the links below to find Each Week’s blocks!

The quilt was designed to make as a Friend Swap, but you can also make this by yourself.


Quilter 1 will make 2 of each block: A, C, E, G

Quilter 2 will make 2 of each block: B, D, F, H
Each quilter will give one set of blocks to their Block Swap partner
Each quilter will make 1 Bonus block in their fabric colors for themselves


You are also able to complete this challenge solo! Simply sign up for the challenge and download both patterns each week. By creating each of the weekly blocks and the bonus block, you will have a completed quilt!

Meet Andrea Smith of Happy Cloud Creations 

You can find the links to all the block patterns here!

Make sure to tag me (@happycloudcreations) in the photos you post on Instagram! I’d love to see your quilts!