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Crystal Wave Quilt

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When all you have is girly quilts and you want to give your brother a quilt, you design something special.
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After I drew out this pattern I thought it would be perfect for my Brother. You can make it manly or make it more girly with floral prints. The design reminded me of Ice crystals so that’s where I came up with the name Crystal Wave. I like how the pattern echo’s out and has sharp repeating lines.

This is a 20 inch block quilt, so it goes together super quilt. It’s great for the adventurous beginner to intermediate quilter. This quilt uses my favorite 4 at 1 time no waste flying geese method. So cutting your pieces and sewing a precise 1/4 scant seem is necessary.

I thought Kona Cotton Solids would be great for this quilt. Storm (Dark), Cadet (Medium), Prairie Sky (Light) and Silver (background). It kind of give the quilt an ombre look.

Sometimes a quilt needs a little more than straight line quilting from top to bottom. With this quilt I decided to echo the pattern with 1/4 inch straight line and then about an inch from that. I used my walking foot with it’s guide.

IMG_6290 (2)

I love how a quilt can look so different in different fabrics. Here are some of the quilts my awesome quilt testers made:

cindy price kelly
Cindy Price Kelly
Connie Whan (2)
Connie Whan
Danielle Lawrence
Danielle Lawrence
Linda Cammilleri (2)
Linda Cammilleri
Marg Sharp (2)
Marg Sharpe
Michelle Graham (2)
Michelle Graham
Shawnie (2)
Shawnie Wallace

If you love this quilt pattern and would like to make your own, you can find the Crystal Wave Pattern here!


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Happy Quilting!