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Finish those UFQs 2020 – WEEK 12


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Hello! I can’t believe this will be our 12th week of working on our UFQs. Have you made progress on your UFQs list?

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This week I’ve been focusing on finishing my Flower Party Quilt! Saturday I was able to finish sewing the borders on.

Then Sunday rolled around and my Crohn’s disease started acting up again. I was diagnosed in 2008 with Crohn’s disease. It’s an auto immune disease that causes inflammation, ulcers and scar tissue in your intestines. I’ve have a couple sections of intestines with a lot of scar tissue, so sometimes these areas close off and become blocked. That’s what happened Sunday. Thankfully the blockage didn’t last a long time, but recovering from a blockage takes awhile. It’s like a bruise so it’s very painful days after the blockage happens and it zaps all my energy because I can’t eat any food during the blockage and have to only drink liquids for a few days after.

Thankfully on Thursday I had enough energy to wake up early and baste my Flower Party Quilt!

Goals for This Week!

I plan on quilting and binding the Flower party quilt! Then I can take photographs for the cover photo of the quilt pattern and order some paper patterns! The release date of this pattern is set for January 28, 2020. I’m hoping I can still make this release date with being delayed in finishing my quilt.

I hope you are making lots of progress on your list!!

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Happy Quilting!

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