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WEEK 1 – NQC Block Challenge with the Starlight Mountains Quilt

Small Star #1 Block

Welcome to the NQC Block Challenge Quilt Along using the Starlight Mountains quilt that I designed! This will be a 5 week long quilt along. So you will have a finished quilt in no time!!

If you have not joined yet you can join here to get the weekly email reminders from the National Quilters Circle.

If you have already joined, but you still need the Fabric Requirments, you can download them HERE!

This week we will be making 6 Small Star #1 Blocks!! This is a simple block that will go together quickly.



 Fabric Requirments
My Blog – Explaining this Quilt Along
September 7th – Week 1 – Small Star Block #1 (Make 6)
September 14th – Week 2 – Small Star Block #2 (Make 6)
September 21st – Week 3 – Mountain Block (Make 6)
September 28th – Week 4 – Large Star Block (Make 3)
October 5th – Week 5 – Quilt Borders and Assembly

I’m going scrappy this time!! So I will be making 2 of each of my color combos this week.

I’m so excited to see how your quilts turn out!!

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Happy Quilting!